About Angela

Angela has been working with Reflexology since she trained in 1984 and has a well-established practice in Norwich, England.

She s Pathways School of Reflexology in 1996 to run high-quality, accredited professional training. She also offers introductory self-help workshops for the public and advanced CPD courses for practitioners.

Angela has worked extensively with light-touch techniques and Facial Reflexology SorensensistemTM and has integrated these into her practice and teaching, in UK and Canada.

She has also trained in Temprana Reflex Therapy, a widely acclaimed rehabilitation programme for those with complex conditions and neurological damage and dysfunction.

She offers treatment sessions for people living with a number of neurological conditions including dementia, MS, Parkinson’s and also for those living with complex needs. Other special interest areas in her teaching and practice include working with fertility and pregnancy, with hypersensitivity and autoimmunity and assisting with trauma recovery.

Angela has trained as a Spiritual Companion and is on the UK Register of Spiritual Caregivers. She offers one-to-one companioning sessions as well as a short Spiritual Health programme – a person-centred and holistic way to explore spirituality.

She is also an authorised tutor for the Diploma in Practical Spirituality and Wellness – the first UK accredited course integrating spirituality and healthcare.

Angela is a teacher of Face Yoga Method and a facilitator for Capacitar Wellness Practices.

She is a co-ordinator for Caring About Dementia and the Mangreen Making Friends with Dementia project, offering online and in-person holistic support sessions for carers and those living with a dementia.

Angela shares ‘Positive Touch’ sessions and Story Massage in group sessions within residential care settings and also within schools, for those with educational or complex needs.