Spiritual Pathways

Spirituality may be described as your natural connection with the wonder and energy of life’

An experience of ‘spirituality’ may be rooted within a faith or unique to an individual.

It embodies wonder and joy, love and compassion, wisdom and inner peace – that which inspires us and to which we aspire.

It is an integral part of who we are.

There is a growing recognition that nurturing and developing our spirituality – however we understand it – offers many benefits for our health, happiness and wellbeing.

Spirituality Courses and Training

Secrets of Spiritual Health and Happiness – a 6-session short course

This six-session course – developed by Dr William Bloom and the Spiritual Companions Trust – offers a gentle way to explore your own understanding of spirituality, within a guided and supportive group setting.

This short programme is the result of ten years of research and development, exploring the connections between spirituality and health.

Dates and details to follow.

Diploma in Spiritual Coaching and Caregiving

The ‘Secrets of Spiritual Health and Happiness’ course also serves as preparation for:

  • the 9-month Level 3 Diploma in Spiritual Coaching and Caregiving

This fully regulated and accredited Level 3 Diploma course is the first Ofqual registered qualification in the UK to integrate spirituality and healthcare.

Designed for people of all faiths and none, it is relevant to anyone seeking to integrate spiritual care and coaching into their personal lives, and professional or voluntary work.

It leads to a professional qualification in person-centred spiritual support and pastoral care, and registration on the UK Register of Spiritual Caregivers.

The Level 3 Diploma is a natural development from the ‘Secrets of Spiritual Health and Happiness’ course and is of particular interest to those who would like to expand their experience of spirituality and the benefits it offers – both personal and professional.

Through personal practise, conversations, reflection and guided exercises, the course provides its students with a first-hand experience of the benefits of nourishing their own spiritual health – while, at the same time, developing the skills needed to compassionately support others in:

  • Exploring the meaning and purpose of their life’s journey.

  • Clarifying and deepening their own understanding of spirituality.

  • Discovering the connection between spirituality, and their health and wellbeing.

  • Developing an open and inclusive approach to faith, spirituality and religious cultures.

Students will be also guided in how to identify, support and refer when working with someone in spiritual crisis.

The Level 3 professional qualification will foster a range of new skills which may be integrated into a current career, provide the basis for setting up an independent practice or inform existing work within healthcare, educational or social-care settings.

These skills will also help develop a student’s personal wellbeing and spiritual practice and enable them to support friends and family through improved relationships and caring communication.

This course is organised through the Spiritual Companions Trust.

An online course will begin September 2024

For more information:   https://spiritualcompanions.org/diploma-overview/

Spiritual Companion support

As a member of the Spiritual Companions Trust and the UK Register of Spiritual Caregivers, Angela offers one-to-one person-centred Spiritual Companion support for those exploring their own ’spiritual pathways’.

For more information about Spiritual Pathways training or Spiritual Companion support, please email us on info@pathwaysreflexology.co.uk

For details of the Spiritual Companions Trust and its activities and resources to support your spiritual journey, seehttps://spiritualcompanions.org/