Training Pathways


Pathways School of Reflexology has been training professional reflexologists since 1996.Classes are small and friendly and students are offered a high level of individual support.

Reflexology Introductory_reflexology_workshop_26_January_2020 (pdf download) 10am-4pm

Next Workshop dates:
Sunday 26 January 2020

Professional Training

Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology – a fully accredited professional training course (download).

The next course due to begin Sunday 15 March 2020

A full range of specialised, light-touch techniques are taught, providing an excellent starting-point for sensitive and responsive treatments. Advanced and adapted techniques are also introduced, drawing on some of the varied approaches to reflexology.

A number of other courses and workshops are also offered, to support practitioners in developing professional practice.

Our programme includes:


  • Facial Reflexology Refresher/training Day (module 3) – Wednesday 20th November
  • Foot Reflexology Refresher – Sunday 8 December


  • Hand Reflexology – 3 linked workshops – Sundays 19 January, 9 February, 22 March
  • Facial Reflexology Introductory day – Sunday 31 May
  • Language of the Feet foot-reading skills – 3 linked workshops – Sundays 27 September, 25 October, 29 November
  • Reflexology to support Fertility and Assisted Conception – 2 linked workshops – Sundays 11 October. 22 November

Download Advanced Training Info (word doc)

Dates and details of other courses to follow

For more information about reflexology training, please download the details in each case, or phone 01603 503794 or email us on